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Image by Melissa LeGette
Image by Melissa LeGette

Shelley in the News

Welcome to our press page featuring a dynamic mix of podcasts, video interviews, and written articles showcasing the financial expertise of Shelley Nadel. Dive into a diverse range of topics, from connecting finances with deep-dish pizza to exploring the parallels between risk tolerance and spice preferences. Each piece offers a unique perspective, blending creativity and relatability. Join us on this enriching journey to uncover the layers of financial wisdom and redefine the narrative around wealth management.



Close-Up Radio 2-Part Series:

In an engaging interview on Close Up Radio, financial literacy expert Shelley Nadel takes center stage as she shares her unique insights into the captivating intersection of food and finance. Hosted by the charismatic Jeff Masters and Doug Llewlyn, Close Up Radio delves into Shelley's innovative approach to teaching essential money skills through a lens that's both relatable and entertaining. Listeners can anticipate a riveting conversation that not only explores Shelley's expertise in financial literacy but also uncovers the delicious connections between our everyday food choices and financial well-being. Tune in for the full podcasts to experience an enlightening discussion that promises to blend financial wisdom with a dash of culinary delight, offering a fresh perspective on navigating the world of finance with both confidence and flavor.


The Augmented Advisor

Dive into the realm of innovative lead generation as financial planner Shelley Nadel sits down with John Prendergast on Augmented Advisor. In this interview titled "Getting Leads by Filming a Cooking Show in Barcelona on an iPhone?" discover how Shelley seamlessly blends financial expertise with a culinary adventure, attracting prospects through a unique and captivating approach. Join us for a conversation that showcases the power of creativity in financial planning and unveils the recipe for acquiring valuable leads.

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CXO Inc. Magazine

Embark on a unique journey to financial success with Shelley Nadel, where sophisticated financial planning meets the art of cooking. In "Mastering the Recipe for Financial Success," discover how Shelley's comprehensive services, infused with culinary metaphors, guide clients towards their goals. Uncover the tailored solutions that make Shelley a master in transforming complex financial concepts into a relatable and palatable experience. Join us in exploring the fusion of financial expertise and culinary creativity that sets Shelley apart in the world of financial planning.


Voyage Houston

Embark on a captivating exploration of life and business with Shelley Nadel, the visionary force behind Food and Finance with Shelley. In our interview featured in Voyage Houston, titled "Exploring Life & Business with Shelley Nadel," discover the insights and principles that drive Shelley's success in the dynamic world of financial planning. Join us for a brief yet enlightening journey into Shelley's unique perspectives and experiences, providing valuable glimpses into both life and business.



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Winnetka Kenilworth Living: "Money & Deep Dish Pizza: How Are They Connected?" 

Embark on a unique exploration where finance meets the delectable world of deep-dish pizza with Shelley Nadel. In this hard print-only article, discover the savory connections between money and the layers of a Chicago-style masterpiece. Join us as we unwrap the richness of financial insights, blending the complexities of wealth management with the mouthwatering appeal of deep-dish indulgence. Get ready for a delightful journey into the flavorful intersection of finance and deep-dish delight.



Embark on a flavorful exploration with Shelley Nadel in our latest article, "What Do Jalapeños Have To Do With Your Financial Plan?" Delve into the parallels between risk and spice tolerances, as Shelley unveils the intriguing connections that enhance your financial strategy. Discover how navigating both risk and spice preferences can add a unique and exciting dimension to your wealth management journey.




Step into the world of financial empowerment with Shelley Nadel in our article, "Be the Chef in Your Own Financial Kitchen." Drawing inspiration from culinary icons Julia Child and Rachael Ray, Shelley seamlessly connects the art of cooking with invaluable financial insights. Join us as we explore the flavorful parallels between mastering your financial kitchen and creating a fulfilling wealth management journey. Get ready to savor the wisdom that turns financial planning into a delectable masterpiece.


The One Problem Podcast

Welcome to a valuable episode of The One Problem Podcast, where Shelley Nadel, a distinguished financial expert, tackles the challenges of navigating a volatile stock market. In this insightful conversation with Avil Beckford, Shelley shares practical tips on handling market fluctuations, recognizing that predicting market movements is an elusive task. Join us for an engaging discussion that empowers you with strategies to navigate the uncertainties of the stock market and make informed decisions in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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