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Uncover Your Unique Recipe for Financial Success

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Want to learn more about Shelley's financial planning business, click here to visit her business website.

Trust Your Gut - Both in the Kitchen & With Your Financial Advisor

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER     professional and business owner, Shelley prioritizes holistic, comprehensive financial planning rather than the mostly outdated trading model. Just as a successful meal requires knowing what you want to cook and the ingredients you will need, financial success relies on understanding all your assets and how they function in tandem.  People have distinctive flavor palettes – for example, some of us dislike spicy food – and likewise, all of us define and tolerate risk at different levels. Shelley and her team lead with the fiduciary service model, meaning the client’s best interests always come first.  Only after a deep dive into each client’s specific financial goals and concerns will we recommend strategies that leverage different “ingredients” to create a plan that thrives no matter what gets in the way. 

Food and Finance with Shelley      stresses the importance of staying flexible and seeking expert help. Whether you prefer meat over vegetarian dishes, aggressive investing over having safeguards, you are much more likely to succeed if you have a plan in place and the expert advice to make it happen.

So, come whet your appetite with Shelley's fun cooking sessions peppered with financial insights.  Click here to view her latest videos - or contact Shelley, and she can do a customized cooking demonstration laced with financial info for your organization.



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To schedule an individual planning appointment with Shelley, please contact Director of Operations Sonia Lance.  Alternatively, you can compete the form on the Contact page, and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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