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Food & Financial Literacy Programs

Shelley offers innovative financial literacy programs that make understanding finances as easy as following a recipe. Led by seasoned financial pro Shelley Nadel, these workshops blend money smarts with culinary charm. From managing debt to retirement planning, participants quickly digest essential financial concepts, setting them on the path to financial success.

How could boosting your employees' financial literacy enhance their job satisfaction and productivity?
How can adding financial literacy sessions to your benefits package showcase your dedication to employee well-being and growth?
How could Shelley Nadel's expertise and creativity inspire your diverse workforce to seize control of their financial destinies?

Why Financial Literacy Matters

Financial literacy is the secret ingredient that transforms financial chaos into harmony. Just like mastering a recipe, it's about more than just numbers—it's about gaining the knowledge and confidence to create a balanced financial dish. With Shelley's guidance, your employees will learn how to finesse financial ingredients and unlock opportunities for a tastier personal and professional future. 


When your employees have financial confidence, they will have less stress and be more productive team members. The result? Higher employee loyalty and retention that will lead to more ROI and a competitive advantage for your company. 

According to Time magazine, 97% of employees concede they spend time working on or worrying about finances during the workday.  A PWC study found that nearly 50% of employees who are worried about their financial health are less productive at work and spend at least 3 hours each week dealing with personal financial issues.

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With nearly two decades of experience in financial services, Shelley is a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional and fiduciary committed to your employees' best interests. Her unique approach to financial literacy uses cooking analogies to convey valuable knowledge in simple terms, making complex financial concepts easily digestible.


Just as a skilled chef transforms ordinary ingredients into a delectable dish, Shelley turns financial complexities into easily actionable insights. With her expertise and passion for education, Shelley is the ideal chef for your employees’ financial well-being.

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Watch Shelley in Action

Why Does Shelley Do Food and Finance?

Why Does Shelley Do Food and Finance?

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What to Expect

Sample Topics

In your quarterly sessions, Shelley will serve up relatable tips tailored to your employees’ financial palates, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning. Each 60–90 minute session is designed to be interactive and engaging. Your employees will learn how to implement smart financial strategies via clever cooking analogies, including selecting the best recipes, kitchen tools, and spices. Your employees will leave not only nourished with insights but also equipped with the tools and knowledge to become their own financial master chef.

Each session is customizable; here are some of our most popular topics:

  • Investments 101 – Keeping It Simple

  • Keeping More of What You Earn – Practical Tax Strategies for This Year & Beyond

  • Cash Conundrum: Unraveling the Risks of Playing it Safe

  • Balancing Acts: Saving for College without Sacrificing Retirement

  • Mastering Debt: Navigating Strategies for Financial Freedom

  • Retirement Reality Check: When Can I Afford to Retire?

  • Preserving Your Health and Wealth: Strategies for Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement

  • Do I Need a Financial Advisor – and How to Pick the Right One

Why Choose Us

  • Skilled Guidance: Unlike any other, Shelley brings a unique and creative approach to financial education, drawing from her extensive experience, industry credentials, and passion for breaking down barriers to financial literacy.

  • Practical Insights: Learn practical strategies and tips your employees can immediately add to their individual financial and culinary success.

  • Personalized Approach: Shelley will tailor each session to meet the specific interests and concerns of your employees.



to Get Cooking?

Call Shelley Today at


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your employees' financial future. Reach out to Shelley Nadel today at or call 512-662-6262 for further details on developing and customizing financial literacy programs for your team.

What Our Partners Say

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Stephanie Burritt, IIDA, NCIDQ

Managing Director | Principal, Gensler

"We have so enjoyed having Shelley and her team join us in the office to share their knowledge of personal finance.  Her “food and finance” mantra makes her very relatable and approachable.  More importantly she has taken what can often be an overwhelming subject and has put it into “bite size” pieces giving us a greater sense of confidence as we manage our own personal finance decisions.  We look forward to welcoming her back to the office for our next session!"
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